by Asma.


‘Mirrors intrigue me. How could a plain piece of glass reveal so much; the past, present and even the future?’ Her voice trailed off as I walked over to the mirror on the wall before me. I leaned in.

You have been better, the heart hissed.

Don’t dwell anywhere but the present, mind murmured the lesson it was taught ages ago.

It’s a futile effort of the fool, she would say. I wasn’t a fool. I would never be one. But this notion of hers, of knowing the future beforehand was an irresistible one. The mind protested against the improbability of it, the heart pleaded to know how. I took a step back, letting the reflection of past replace the present- A composed look, a waning smile. ‘The only condition dear, is to seek and not to see, it said. Seek what? In a world where sight was norm, ‘insight’ was a rare commodity. Oblivious to its fallacies, indulged into its fantasies, we fall for this world and all that it has to offer. Merging wrong into right, separating sense of conscience from a self of desires; we crave for more- one after the other, till our greed outlasts the thirst- And when chaos finds its way back home, all we can do is pray that at least gravity is there to stop our fall.

I looked up, letting the present take over again- A withered look, a composed smile stared back. I had seen this smile somewhere before; a temporary facade, a pretense to conceal the raging storm inside. Like I said- They reveal a little too much, Mirrors intrigue me.